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My address is not correct! Why is that? What should I do and how do I make sure it's saved correctly?

Right now we're using Google Maps to help us clean up the addresses. So far we've seen a few instances where we aren’t able to detect our users' address(es). If this happens to you, make sure you enter your correct shipping address in Step One to verify, then click on the "Need Help? Tips and advanced options" link in Step Two for more options (like PO Boxes etc). Once an address is saved, if it is still not correct (e.g., wrong zip code, city, etc), send us a support ticket at and we'll be able to fix this for you quickly.

Can I save more than one address?

Yes. This feature allows users to store (add and/or remove) individual or multiple addresses.

Can I still communicate with the buyer/seller once the auction has ended?

Yes. This feature does not eliminate communication between the buyer and seller. It only provides a feature to pre-select a saved address, eliminating typos and saving time!

What if the buyer gives me his/her address in the general message box instead of the shipping address field?

The saved shipping address field will become the only means through which a buyer should share his or her address with the seller.

While messages can still be used for general communication between buyer and seller, they should not be used for sharing shipping information. In the event of a dispute, if we discover that a buyer or seller has not used the proper method for sharing shipping information, it is unlikely that the dispute will be resolved in their favor.

The winner of my auction stored the address in the correct shipping address field, but they claim that it’s not saved correctly. What should I do?

If the seller or buyer notices that the address provided is not accurate or showing the full address (e.g. street number is missing), please send a support ticket at and we’ll be able to correct it quickly. Once corrected, both parties can continue with the auction transaction.

When I "add a field" under the "Tips and advanced options" link, it shows up in front of the street address? Why? (e.g., Apartment 123, 100 Main Street, City, State, ZIP)

When you "Add a Field" such as a P.O. Box or an apartment/lot/trailer, that field will be displayed in front of the street address because it's a custom field. The formatting may look foreign to some people, but the US Postal Service is still able to ship items using this address format.

Why is my address pending?

To encourage people to use just one Listia account, we verify addresses against those of existing users. If we find two addresses to be too similar, we'll take a look and see if they are in fact different people. Within a day, you should receive an e-mail letting you know if your address has been approved.

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