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How do I delete an auction?

You can only delete an auction if there are no bids on it. When you list something on Listia you should be designating that item to a winner on Listia. If there are no bids on the auction you can delete it under "My Account" then find the auction under "Auctions Listed".

How do I edit an auction?

You can only edit an auction if there are no bids on it. The reason for this is because it would be unfair for any previous bidders if the auction information changes. This applies to both auction information and images. If there are no bids on the auction there should be an "Edit" button at the top right on the auction page when you are logged in.

What is the auction link?

Who pays for shipping?

Because of the nature of the stuff being listed on Listia we assume all auctions are better suited for local exchanges. However, if a seller is willing to ship their item (at the seller or winners expense) this should be specified in the description or the questions and comments.

How do I use PayPal to pay for shipping?

Sellers can specify 3 types of shipping: (1) Free Shipping (2) Exact Shipping and (3) Flat Rate Shipping. If shipping is not free, avoid sending cash, checks, money orders and never send wire transfers (these types of payments are extremely hard to recover and Listia is unable to help recover shipping money).

We ask buyers to use PayPal as it is the safest payment method. When using Paypal do not use the gift option if requested to by the seller. (You can contact PayPal to recover shipping money in case there is a problem, but not if you choose the "gift" or "personal payment" option)

How do I get what I win?

When you either sell or buy something and the auction ends, both parties are emailed the final auction details and you can arrange on a way to exchange the item. We've also built a tool that makes it easier to send emails notifying the other party about item exchange details. To use this tool just go to auction you've won or sold something after it has finished.

How do I retract/delete a bid I have placed?

Deleting bids is not allowed, but if you are the only user bidding on an auction we will take it into consideration.

Why do I get outbid right away every time I bid?

This is how Listia's bidding system works. Read more: Proxy Bidding

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