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Why credits?

The market decides what everything is worth. Credits also make transactions much easier and void of fraud.

How do I get more credits?

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How much is 1 credit worth?

Users can earn more free credits by selling items and interacting with the site, but if you really need some credits right away, you can buy more from Listia. Credits cannot be cashed out.

How long does it take to get credits that I buy?

Most purchased credits are delivered instantly if you make the purchase using your credit card or paypal balance. However, if you decide to buy credits using your bank account or eCheck, it may take a few days for the credits to show up while the system waits for the funds to clear.

Can I return credits that I buy?

You can return credits within 14 days from the date of purchase if they are unused. This means the credits must still be in your account and also cannot be pending (a currently winning bid) on any auctions. At this time we do not accept partial returns, so you will have to return all the credits in the purchase. To initiate a return, submit a support ticket or send an email to

Can I sell back my credits?

No, but we do have Rewards Auctions that are meant to reward our active users with a lot of credits.

Do I earn bonus credits for flagging an auction?

No, bonus credits are not given for flagging auctions. If a user flags an auction which is later removed by a moderator this will count towards this user’s “Auctions Flagged” badge.

When trying to bid it says I have a smaller number of credits to bid than my total credits (credits available). Why?

The number of credits at the top of the page is your total credits regardless of where you have placed bids. Say you have 500 total credits and you bid 100 on an auction which you are now winning. The total amount of credits at the top of you page will still say 500 because you haven't won yet. However, on any other auction you will only be allowed to bid 400 credits because the other 100 are tied up in the auction you're winning. If you are eventually outbid on that auction you will then have 500 credits to bid on other auctions.

How do I bid on reward points, prepaid cards and codes, and gift cards?

To bid on auctions in the 'Reward Points', 'Prepaid Cards & Codes', or 'Gift Cards' categories, you must have a Level 1 Verified Account. Alternatively, having wings will also allow you to bid on these auctions.

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