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Why free stuff?

While doing some spring cleaning we found that there was a bunch of stuff we didn't need, but couldn't bear to throw away because we were sure someone could find it useful. Listing my 20" CRT monitor on Ebay just wasn't going to work and who wants to answer dozens of phone calls, fake inquiries and emails on Craigslist?

Is everything REALLY free?

Yes. Listia charges no fees nor does it cost anything to participate. All items listed by Listia, such as Reward Auctions, offer free shipping. It costs nothing to list a new auction or add photos. We encourage everyone who signs up to get involved by giving away items you no longer need, before receiving items for free from other users. However, no giving is required and no purchase is necessary. Every new user starts with free credits that can be used to bid and win auction items (by the way, bidding doesn’t cost anything either). Listia is very proud of the fact that it costs absolutely no money to participate, while providing an exciting new way for people give and get free stuff.

What can and can't I sell on Listia?

Click here to see what is not allowed on Listia.

It says my account is suspended, why?

Users can be suspended from using certain parts of the site such as commenting and bidding on auctions as well as listing auctions. Display of inappropriate behavior on the site can lead to these suspensions without warning. Users will be notified via email with the details of their suspension.

Where can I see my credit activity?

Once you are logged in you can go to "My Listia" -> "Credit Activity" (left hand side). This page shows a detailed list of all your credit activity.

Why do I see a Captcha form when sending a message?

The Captcha form will appear when a user sends a high volume of messages in a short amount of time. When the number of messages sent is reduced this form will no longer be shown.

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