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To protect users from fraud, there are a few methods of account verification that help buyers avoid untrustworthy sellers. Verification is optional but highly recommended if you want to show that you are serious about your listings.

Currently, we offer two levels of verification:

  • Listia Verified
    This means that the account has been personally verified by Listia's staff, and the account owner is in fact who they claim to be. This verification applies only to accounts that represent organizations and other public-facing entities (Listia's official account is an example), and cannot be automatically earned.
  • Verified Account, Level 1
    When a user has provided phone verification in addition to connecting with a verified1 Facebook account, they receive this first level of verification. Phone verification means that the user has successfully given us a valid phone number they have access to.

What are the benefits of becoming verified?

  • Visitors to your auctions will see that you are verified and have more confidence in bidding on your listings.

In addition to these verification levels, we also have the following tools:

  • Credit Card or Bank Account Verification
    This shows that the user has successfully verified that they have a working credit card or bank account.
  • Facebook and Twitter profiles
    Users may choose to show their Facebook and/or Twitter profile links on their Listia profiles. This is especially helpful for newer users who have not had time to build up their Listia reputation yet. Use these links to check out who the user is and help ensure that you are not dealing with a fake or fraudulent account. Users can choose to opt-out of showing these links as well if they prefer to keep things private.

Looking to verify your account? The following links may help:

Although verification does not necessarily mean a user is 100% trustworthy, it is an additional tool that can help users decide whether or not to bid on a listing. Users who have completed all the verification steps and have good feedback on the site can generally be considered more trustworthy than those without verification.

1 In order to reach level 1 verification, you must have a verified Facebook account.

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