New "EM Michelle Phan The Life DAY LIFE Palette" Beautiful! GIN BONUS BBW FULL SIZE! <3

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New in Box,
"EM Michelle Phan The Life DAY LIFE Palette"
A magnetic makeup palette with four beauty looks curated by Michelle Phan. Each palette has 36 shades of eye, lip and cheek colors. Use the mirrored travel compact to take all your favorite colors on the go.

*You will find a placard inside the box that has instructions that you can follow to achieve certain looks. Michelle wrote the instructions and drew the beautiful pictures.

*The Day Life Palette! It comes with four look stickers that you can place anywhere on your larger palette

*The palette comes with a double ended brush: eye shadow and an eye liner side. The tool to pop out the magnetic pots is also included.

*Each quadrant has 6 eye shadows, 2 lip products and a blush in the center. Each palette can essentially be split into four quadrants totaling with 24 eye shadows, 4 blushes, and 8 lip products, giving 36 different shades of a variety of products in essentially one palette.

Totally Gorgeous Colors! Ladies don't miss out on your new look for this new year!

*** GIN BONUS ***

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  • Original
    Beautiful palette
    Thank you nice to see you!!!
    I have another one listed in a different color if your interested
  • Original
    Thanks hun happy new year how are you doing its been a long time
    Happy New Year! Doing Great hope you are too, you look good :)
  • Original
    Awwwwww thanks hunnie my husband makes me glow but you know all about that and how are things going with the family and the not so little baby anymore lol
    AWW I got little babies! 3 of them :) my youngest is 19mo. :) Going Great, could not be happier
  • Original
    That's awesome hun glad to hear that
    :) Thank you
  • Original
    Stunning pallet!!! Watching for sure :)
    Thanks so much!! Goodluck if your bidding :)
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