new for small dog orange shirt great for the hunter in your dog

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NEW I took out of plastic to take pics,Package reads large somebody know how to measure looks small it feels like cotton/nylon mix free shipping my cat & dog don't smoke.Color orange is what deer hunters wear not to get shot. You will beable to see your fur baby running around hiding in bushes. Free shipping

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  • Jan 16th 2017, 4:28 AM
    TripalPurple is smart cookie taught old dog anew trick measured and it islarge thank you TriplePurple

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    my little guy is about 6 lb , you think it will fit him?
    it might be to big. I will measure the openings.with astring then measure the string.& will let you know thks 4 looking happy new year
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    So cute! Great sense of humor too love the fact that your cat and dog don't smoke... LOL!! Watching! Thank you :-) ♡
    your kitty is pretty non smoker too
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    LOL. ..ya but a good eater! :-)♡
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    Cute outfit!
    I agree to small for my boy thanks for looking
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