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There are 8 assorted colors. All New! Winner takes all.The Mead Five Star 1-Subject Notebook is a smart choice for use at home, in the office or a classroom. features a durable polyethylene cover to protect the pages from tearing or getting lost. With a heavy-duty back for extra dependability, the Mead Five Star notebook will hold up to transport in bags or purses. It has full-size storage pockets allowing you to store your loose materials and keep them organized. The spiral lock wire keeps pages in place, while the perforation on the paper allows for easy tear outs.The margins and horizontal lines are helpful for children who are learning to write properly or students who need to take notes in class. A flexible and textured cover makes it easy to grip this Mead Five Star notebook with two pockets and college rule.

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    Fantastic auction. ♡♡♡
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    Watching to bid! Love it!
    Appreciate that!! Good Luck to ya!
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    Neeed this fanned and watching
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