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First off I want to be able to help mothers that is pregnant and might not be prepared to have everything they need so I want to help with whatever I have I wasn't prepared my baby was 32 weeks premature

Mostly I have boy stuff but some can be gender neutral

I welcome all mothers to this auction weather your having a little one or just had a small one

Free shipping

I will have a 21 day auction

There will be newborn diapers and size one diapers

There will be nicu 2 oz bottles I had plenty left overs I didn't use

Some things for the momma as she is pregnant

Diaper bags

A baby sling for bathing he outgrew it so didn't get to use it I wasn't thing when I bought it lol

And much more

I will start out with the small things first

I will put a gin on it due to the fact that if u want all of it and can use it all plus gin gets a bounces you will def need one

So let's begin and have fun with this auction

If gin is used you wil get a like new car seat or a baby store gift card for 30.000

Starting this auction off with
2 new born diapers ,one is pampers the other is parents choice
1 bottle new never used
2 breast shields for breastfeeding
1 onesie size newborn

As bids progress at a certain amount I'll add

Updates may never override the original posting

  • Mar 8th 2017, 10:19 PM
    Ok so we have some bids and watchers
    Welcome everyone and thank you
  • Mar 8th 2017, 10:27 PM
    Remember there is a breast pump in there too so mothers can breast feed their little one I didn't get to pump for long mine dried up to quick
  • Mar 9th 2017, 6:03 PM
    2 pair of baby pants
    Size 0/6 months
    1 new born diaper

    If we reach 100,000 I'll be adding this

    I'll also just add random things to this auction somtimes

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  • Mar 9th 2017, 11:12 PM
    If gin is used I will box everthing up and ship my ups or fedex

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  • Mar 11th 2017, 4:22 PM
    Just to let you all know the 2 pair of pants and the diaper will be added at 100,000

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  • Mar 12th 2017, 11:29 PM
    Well so far you will just the 4th picture above if you reach the 100,000 mark ill add the 5th picture
  • Mar 15th 2017, 11:38 AM
    I have decided to add to the forth picture
    These items
    1 .1 size newborn parents choice diaper
    2. 1 new bottle nipple
    3. 1 new nicu 2 Oz bottle

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  • Mar 15th 2017, 11:31 PM
    Ok. Some people has asked me to list what you get if gin is used so here it goes

    1.what to expect when your expecting book
    2. 2 netcare dressing covers
    3.the older version one prenatal heart beat listener works well
    4.1 used yellow and gray diaper bag good condition
    5. Another gray and teal diaper bag new but it does have a small tear u can't see it it has flowers on it
    6.heathy feet cream
    7.New never used bath sling for newborns has no box
    8.1 new bib
    9. 1 new syringes for meds
    10.2 nose syringes new never used the nic u gave these to me I don't like those kind
    11.2 new pacifiers never used there was always 2 in a pack
    12.9 onesies
    13. 2 pair of pants
    14. Another bib
    15. 1 toy car
    16.1 new pooh outfit newborn short outfit
    17. Another outfit size 0/3 moths
    18.another outfit short sleeve set has pants ,hat,shirt 3/6 months
    19.another outfit size newborn jacket and pants
    20.a new onesie with tags newborn summer time
    21. Another new outfit no tags size newborn wintertime
    22. 3 pairs of mittens
    23. Phamplets for tide pod not expired apron cards
    26.19 lansinoh disposal nursing pads
    27. 1 hat
    28. 4 new nipples one in packages
    29.1 new 40 DD bra
    30.36 DD nursing bra
    31. New black and white nursing bra size med
    32.4 packs needles I had sugar with mine
    33. Box of lancets
    34.another pack of disposable nursing pads 28 of them size baby shampoo
    36. New toothbrush
    37. New condom
    38. Sample pack of bounce sheets
    39.vasline lip therapy
    40. Small bottle of hand sanitizer
    41.sample pack of baby wipes
    42.pack of cleaner
    43.big bottle of hand sanitizer for travel
    44. New bottle body lotion had to use some of this for my cecearen
    45.roll on deodorant
    46. New bottle of rue21 perfume
    47. Bottle of fragrance mist
    48. BBW vineyard champagne kiss quit a bit left
    49. 2 wash cloths
    50. Maternity shirt size xl
    51. New bottle of test strips 50 count
    52.lansinoh breast pump like new sitting in my closet with breast shields it's a eltric kind
    53. 5 more nipples in package
    54. 2 new medela breast milk storage bags
    55. 11 nicu 2oz bottles with lids
    56.another bottle with lid on it
    57.air vent bottle new
    58.dr brown 8 0z Bottle no nipple
    59.jhonson head to toe baby wash 9 oz new
    60.big bottle of baby oil 20 oz new
    61. Baby ganics eczema skin protection 8oz new
    62. Baby lotion 27 oz new
    63. Box with somthing you will def need it's not exspired
    64.72 diapers size newborn and ones

    Also u will get a used car seat boy or girl or a baby store gift card only u get to choose if u hit the gin button I get payed once a moth so I will have to get it as soon as I get payed and I will send it to u with a tracking number this will go toward my baby son these credits will

    This is a great deal !!!!!

  • Mar 17th 2017, 7:08 PM
    The 5th picture is now addes to the lot
    Now you get
    1 onsie
    3 diapers
    2 nursing pads
    2 pair of pants
    1 nipple
    1 2 oz nic u bottle
    You get what ever is included in the forth and fith pictures
    Included the nicu bottle and nipple and diaper
    Thank you for the bids
    I'll update the next thing tomarrow

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  • Mar 19th 2017, 10:04 AM
    I'm going to be adding another item to the lot 2 more nursing pads I'll post a picture

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  • Mar 19th 2017, 10:07 AM
    So at the next 100,000 I'll add
    6 storage milk bags
    So let's get those bids going
    Once we hit the 100,000 I'll add a picture
  • Mar 20th 2017, 6:10 AM
    sorry guys and gals
    i meant to say i would do a gift card for 30.00
    not 300.000
    so i have decide you can pick your own choice of gift card
    for 30.00 or a used car seat your choice if gin is used
  • Mar 21st 2017, 6:07 PM
    We need more bids I can't add if there is no more bids

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  • Mar 22nd 2017, 11:21 AM
    Just to clarify this is what you all get right now
    6 breast pads
    1 bottle nipple
    2 pairs of pants
    1 onesie
    1 2z bottle slim for preemie
    1 3 ounce bottle with lid for storage
    4 diapers
    I have it in a 10x13 poly mailer so far

    For every 100,000 I'll add a item
    But the best deal would be to gin it

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Questions & Comments
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  • Original
    There's my dear friend. Wonderful auction
    Thank you
  • Picture?type=square
    If ypu dont gin wgat all ya get
    If u don't gin you get what ever pictures I post and amount to meet the requirements of that bid
  • Original
    Ok I just didn't want to see you lose the stuff and credits or any thing bad happen cause unfortunately there are some awful folks on here that would do it
  • Original
    Very thoughtful auction with so many nice items..All the little ones are in high school here but watching & hoping GIN is used too..Your fan & good luck!!
    Thank you very much ,I thought of all the mothers out there some are not Evan probly prepared money is tight these days and time so I thought it would be nice to help the best I can ,I know I wasn't Evan prepared Evan after mine was born a month and a half early it was hard I'll fan u back
  • Original
    I just wanted to tell you great auction but did you know you have the amount in the card 30.000 in stead of 30.00 thought I let you know fyi thank u
    ill change that thank you
  • Picture?type=square
    Can I win all the stuff
    Gin only gets everthing
  • Picture?type=square
    So if don't use gin had bid on eatch ever day
    If gin is not used u will be bidding on it by what I put up and the credit amount I put on it
  • Picture?type=square
    So what exactlynare people bidding on then if GIN gets everything???
  • Original
    If you use gin you get everything and a new like car seat boy or girl or a baby gift card like baby r us somthing like that for 30.00
  • Picture?type=square
    Ok if did use gin bid and got everything how would we get the car set
    Well I don't get payed till the 1st of every month but I would rather have some body gin it toward the last week of the month that way I could go ahead and get it and ship it to the winner address with tracking
  • Picture?type=square
    Ok I see what can do but would like get all and after do my financial credit still have pay and don't got money to end of week.
    In no hurry I'm sure it will still be here
  • Picture?type=square
    Ok thanks
    Your welcome
  • Original
  • Original
    Can you please list what the winner will get if gin is used?
  • Original
    I can as soon as I get my little one fed and to bed ,I will list everything as soon as he is asleep
  • Picture?type=square
    What store is baby gift card for and how much on it.
  • Original
    U get to chooses baby r us,mud pie ,any baby store that is the amount would be 25.00 to 30.00 sent to u by mail with tracking
  • Picture?type=square
    Awesome auction. To bad I have no little ones. And no grandbabies anytime soon. Someone will be getting a great deal on this.
    Yes they will thank you for stopping by
  • Original
    I am not pregnant and my oldest is 2 but I wanted to say that even though I am not biding, this is a very great auction. It's hard to find nice people anymore. Thank you for helping others.
  • Original
    I meant to say that my youngest is 2. Lol sorry I am tired.
  • Original
    I know how that is being tired with the little ones, they were u out lol your very welcome for saying so
  • Original
    Awww thank you
  • Original
    This is a great auction. My little girl just turned five months. But I'm still a fan and watching!
  • Original
    Aww thank you very much
  • Picture?type=square
    Thank you
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