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♦ Win multiple listings before I ship ♦
I will send you a surprise BONUS!
☘️ ☘️ ☘️
Win charms to make your own jewelry ... these are charms only, NOT attached to bails. You can choose up to FOUR of the same charm!
☘️ While Supplies Last ☘️

This is a "tiered" listing~the higher the winning bid, the more you win.

You win at least two charms ...
♥ FIVE at 149,000 credits (about what you'd pay for a $3 gift card on Listia)
♥ Seven at 199,000
♥ 10 at 239,000
♥ 15 at 299,000
♥ 20 at 359,000 credits
... less than you'd pay for a $6 gift card on Listia, for TWENTY charms, shipped FREE.

☘️ Don't want to wait? ☘️
Type "natahoa beads" in the search box.
You will see my GIN listings for these charms and a LOT of other jewelry-making supplies on one search page!
All are silver or gold tone color, not plated. While supplies last ... I do NOT guarantee that supplies will last on any individual charm ... when they are gone, they are gone!

~ Karma
~ Well behaved women ...
~ Large caps Love
~ Wishing well
~ Libra scales
~ Best Friends (2-charm set counts as ONE item)
~ I ♥ My Soldier
~ VW bug
~ Faith
~ Family
~ Find Joy in the Journey
~ Made with Love (small tag)
~ Dog Person
~ Cat person
~ I ♥ My Dog
~ I ♥ My Cat
~ I ♥ Cats
~ cute cat charm
~ Gold howling wolf
~ silver plated large PEACE charm
~ starfish (large smoth or smaller textured)
Please be sure to check out my
★ ~STASH~ listings ★
Choose from MANY findings
and larger lots at discounted GIN prices!
To see all of my jewelry-supply listings on ONE search page, search “ natahoa beads ”

You will see my:
♥ MANY earring findings
♥ headpins with balls
♥ stardust beads
♥ daisy spacers
♥ and of course, my spiral tubes ... the most popular beads on Listia!

I ship on Wednesdays, First Class with tracking.

~Please don't ask me to fan you.~
I only fan someone after a ♥ HAPPY ♥ transaction ~ I hope to fan you soon!

☘️ Search "natahoa beads" and have fun shopping! ☘️

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  • Default avatar m
    Free shipping right
    Yes, this listing is free shipping.
    I also have these available with Get it Now ... I have GIN listings with both free and paid shipping,
    Please check them out! Search "natahoa" to find my GIN listings for these.

    Have fun shopping!
  • Original
    I just need one really I just wanted to be sure it was included
    Yes, I have maybe eight or 10 of those remaining. So you can choose that charm if you win ... good luck!
  • Original
    ☘️ Do YOU buy credits? ☘️

    I also have these available with Get it Now, and I have ALL of my GIN items listed TWICE ... one listing with free shipping, the other at MUCH lower credits with $5 shipping via paypal ~ which I will discount to $4 shipping if you win more than one paid-shipping listing I can ship together!

    If you buy credits, my "paypal ship" listings cost LESS than buying enough credits to win my free-shipping listings! Spend your money wisely!

    Search "natahoa" to find my wonderful selection of jewelry and jewelry-making supplies, available with both free and paid shipping.

    Search "natahoa" and have fun shopping!
  • Original
    Do you free ship elsewhere too?? I love this and willing to bid if it ships elsewhere
    Shipping outside the US costs more than these items are worth, so no, I don't ship to Canada or anywhere else.
    If you want a LOT of items, it might be worth the cost (to you) to send them outside the US, but usually it's not. You are better off buying from someone on ebay who ships to your country free or cheap.
    Sorry ... I used to ship to Canada years ago when it didn't cost much, but now I think it's a minimum of more than $10 and can take three weeks. Just not worth it.
  • Original
    Is the "faith" one included
    Yes, I can send you "faith" charms ... little round tags. I don't have 20 of them though, maybe six or seven.
    I also have these available with Get it Now ... ... search "natahoa beads" and have fun shopping!
  • Original
    Fantastic auction my dear friend
    Thanks again Zari, I'm so glad you like this listing!
    I also have these available with Get it Now ... search "natahoa" to find my GIN listings, and have fun shopping!
    Happy St Patty's!
  • Original
    Awsome!!! Fanned and watching.
    Thanks so much, and good luck if you are bidding!
    I also have these with Get it Now.
    To find my GIN listings, search "natahoa beads."
    Please also check out my "stash" listings ... you can choose from more than 50 items to have in your jewelry-making stash.

    If you make jewelry, you KNOW how much this stuff can cost ... get it here on Listia!
    Search "natahoa beads" and have fun shopping!
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