2lbs Vintage Buttons in a Baccarat Cigar Box

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Hi everyone! I'm back with more buttons! I have here today 2 lbs of Vintage Buttons in a Baccarat Cigar Box. Many are Quarter size and larger!
I tried to include as many pictures as possible to give you an idea of what the Highest bidder will receive.
I have unique sets, colors, patterns, mop, two hole, four hole and rhinestone buttons! The rhinestone buttons are not plastic, they have metal backing. I can't imagine what these would go for purchased individually, but I'm ready to part with them and share with my fellow Listians!
The Baccarat Cigar Box, made in Honduras, comes with the buttons for storage and measures 5 1/2 inches by 3 inches deep.
These are clean and free of threads
Any Questions? Please ask!
These will be sent priority shipping. Good luck!
Sorry no Gin
No ending early.
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    Great auction, fanned, watching and bidding!
    Hi MamaBear nice to see you thanks!
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    Thanks MissLissyJean!
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    I was hoping for so many comments below because this is such an amazinggg auction!!! Def bidding!
    Your so nice tifyya thanks!
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    I just came across this listing and burst into tears. I had amassed a very large collection of new, classic, vintage, and many that belonged to my grandmother, Great-grandmother, and many other family members. Sadly during a move we had to place all of our belongings into storage. Due to our proximity to the Mississippi River, loads of rain up north, and a breach in a part of the levee; we lost everything to a massive flood. This was at least 5 year
    Oh goodness..! So sorry for your losses! I have many buttons and will list more as I can, the hard part for me is deciding which ones to list! Thanks so much for sharing!
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    Great auction
    Thanks Rosa!
  • Original
    Incredible Auction!
    Nice to hear thanks Jennifer!
  • Original
    You are so very welcome :)
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