1923 German Funfzig Millionen (50,000,000) Mark Banknote (Reichsbanknote)

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Here up for bids is the following banknote;

1923 German
Era: 1919-1924
Country: Germany
Denomination; Funfzig Millionen (50,000,000 - fifty million)
I'm not sure how to read German but there are 2 dates on the bill (September 1,1923 & January 1924)
From what I can find online, this is the denomination of 50 Million (or 50,000,000) marks. If anyone can add details please do in the comments, I don't collect coins nor currency, so therefore I know nothing about value or conditions of money. Please enlarge the photos to see the exact details of the banknote. There will be no GIN on the auction please refrain from asking. Thank you for watching and good luck to all those bidding.

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  • Apr 14th 2017, 5:40 AM
    Being that there are early and eager bids, I am now adding the following coin;

    1919 Belgium 2 Centimes Coin
    This coin is uncleaned so therefore it retains its original patina. I don't collect coins nor currency so therefore I know nothing about value or conditions.

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  • Apr 16th 2017, 4:31 PM
    I wish to add the detail of that I purchased this banknote from a numerologist that I have purchased from for over 6 years now along with other coins that I have purchased in the past. I have to look up these items myself online to find out what I purchased myself. I only purchase from the same few that I have dealt with for years, they are real as far as I know. Thank you for watching and good luck to all those bidding once again.

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  • Apr 17th 2017, 7:08 AM
    I apologise, I meant a numismatist, not numerologist

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  • Apr 25th 2017, 6:34 AM
    I'm now adding the following coin to make this auction interesting;

    This is a Chinese coin of some sort, the front reads "Tai-Ching-Ti-Kuo Copper Coin" there is a dragon on the coin and writing on the reverse that I can not translate. Thank you for watching and good luck to all.

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    Basically these were banknotes handed out to the people of Berlin only, to use as money when the (Reichsbank) (translates into "bank of the rich' went bankrupt! They were to be used at the time of hyper inflation. :)
    Wow !!! That's a cool fact !! Thank you for the information ! Does that make these rare ? And good luck to you as well
  • Original
    IT should be easy to guess:
    2 dates on the bill (September 1,1923 & January 1924) are "date of issue" and
    "valid till" - the 2nd being necessitated by the pressure of inflation.

    They are as rare as the 6-digit number on it would suggest.And EXTRA value
    for the "age" & "HIGH " ( now,*that is subjective* ) face value.
    Put the CMP at anywhere between U.S.$ 10 to U.S.$ 50 ( that would be for any
    "special number/s" notes.
    Any RICH numerologist ( L-0-L i am being impish / naughty ) might pay even a
    thousand dollars for the number matching their "Date-of-Birth"
    Example = a note bearing the number 230947 instead of 375924 could be ~~~~~~~ cherished by someone born on 23 Sept 1947

    I'd like to have this but it is clearly "out of reach" given the income level i am in ;-(

    Incidentally, there is an entire series of POSTAGE STAMPS issued in the same
    era; they are NOT TOO EXPENSIVE & ** that is the source of my INTEREST &
    "limited knowledge" about the subject

    Sanjeev Suri from INDIA
    Wow that's a lot of good information on this. Thank you so very much for this, it helps a great deal. I may have more hopefully one day. Thank you again for the information and good luck to you as well
  • Picture?type=square
    They are not real rare, but the better shape they are in, the more they are worth. My last name is Herzog, it doesn't get ,much more kraut than that...lol!!! Glad i was first born American, it would suck too live there...
    LoL !!! Okay, thank you once again for that information. I'm curious, do you know how much the value range in ? I wasn't sure what I bought years ago, I recently found it in a box away from all of the other bills I got rid of a few months ago.
  • Original
    Hey I just realized you're in Detroit! Fanned and watching from Flint!
    Oh okay cool !! My children were born in Flint, I think the North or West side. Fanning you in return and thank you for fanning me.
  • Picture?type=square
    R they real?
    Yes they are real. You can Google pictures and details of it. Thank you for your inquiry and good luck to you
  • Original
    Unlike you, i'd KILL FOR ( ...metaphor - not really true L-0-L ) anything in coin, currency or STAMPS ).
    Turn a beggar, definitely ;-) if not a buyer / bidder.
    Fanning you just for being so straightforward:
    I apologise, I meant a numismatist, not numerologist
    I've lived my whole life straightforward, I've always been a man who can admit my own wrongs and quickly apologize once I see my mistakes. Thank you for acknowledging that. To be honest, after I wrote the update the sentence just didn't seem right to me so I had to look up the word being that one is not common for me to use. Good luck to you once again.
  • Original
    cool auction f&w
    Thank you and good luck to you as well.
  • Original
    Great Auction!!!
    Thank you and good luck to you as well. I try to bring unusual items all the time
  • Picture?type=square
    Lady Alecx.... my best friend moved back home to Flint!!!! I'm in Utah...
    Wow ! It's a family reunion on my auction !! LMAO That's what's up
  • Original
    Shared on Twitter for you :)
    Why thank you very much, I truly appreciate it !!!
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