New Touch HD Screen Smart Watch Bluetooth Camera Wrist Watch SIM Card Smartwatch

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Functions & Features:
1) Display: 1.56" Touch Screen 240*240 pixels TFT LCD & Bluetooth 3.0
2) Camera: 0.3 M with photo album gallery in smart watch
3) Micro SIM Card (OPTIONAL): Can be used as a phone
4) Hands-Free Phone Calls: Loud speaker and receiver mode (SIM not required, can use through bluetooth)
5) SMS & MMS ***need APP, only support Android phones***(SIM not required, can use through bluetooth)
6) Video & voice recording
7) Storage: RAM 32M, ROM 32M; External memory: Support TF card up to 32GB
8)Internet Search Browser
9)Social Media: Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, and Whatsapp ***Androids only***
10) Pedometer
11) Bluetooth Music Player
12) Stopwatch
13) Phonebook
14) Calculator
15) Calendar
16) Alarm Clock
17) Reminders
18) Camera Remote ***Androids only***
19) Anti-theft Alarm
20) Hydration Alarm: reminding you to drink water
21) Rest Alarm: reminding you to get up from your seat, and exercise/relax your body
22) Sleeping monitor. can detect your sleeping quality
23) Time / Date / Week / Battery state display
24) 273mm adjustable band for all wrist sizes
Messages, social media, and camera remote functions not supported by iOS
Memory card and SIM card not included. Can support up to 32GB memory card

Package in RETAIL BOX includes:
1 Smart Watch
1 USB charging cord
1 Manual

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  • Jun 21st 2017, 6:39 PM
    If you don't like my auctions keep it to you're self no one is asking for you to bid or put you're two cents in just move on or i will block you...


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    Does it support sim card?
  • Original
  • Picture?type=square
    Is it free shipping everywhere else
    sorry just usa
  • Picture?type=square
    How much for everywhere else
  • Picture?type=square
    Does this have access to Internet, downloading of apps or a way to listen to music ??
  • Picture?type=square
    How much everywhere else.
    the real cost has to be paid before shipping
  • Original
    Could you please post photos other than just "stock" photos, please?
    this in a sealed box i will not open it .the winner has a right to get what they won.
  • Original
    I understand that, however all of these photos are "stock" photos. If you would only take a photo of the actual box with your Listia name beside it, that is all that is necessary. Thank you!
  • Original
    Nice watch
    thank you
  • Original
    What is the brand name of this please?
    no brand name all it say's is smart watch even when it is turned on.
  • Original
    I'm thinking about this for my son after I got n grandson one last Christmas my son liked it so I will be watching & bidding later very nice
  • Original
    Can you show us an actual picture of it, not stock photos?
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