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It's getting to be that time of year, summer is almost over and it will be back to school......... Yeah, I know you really didn't want the reminder.

Well so I am buying stuff again for my grandkids and figured I would do another Back to School Backpack filled with school stuff again for LISTIA.

So here is the Girls Auction. (( I haven't found the right Girls back pack yet, so I will go looking again on monday-- wish me luck.)) ALL of the items are new.

(( I am still looking for some other goodies to add and will post pictures and a description when I get them together.))

**6 each of 2 pocket folders and single subject wide ruled notebooks
** 3 each of red, blue and black ink pens
** 2 small glue sticks
** 1 large glue stick
** 1 liquid glue
** 2 highlighters
** 2 dry erase Black markers
** 1 eraser
** 1 package of pencils
** 1 package of markers
** 1 package of crayons
** 1 package of colored pencils
** 1 large pencil box
** 1 box of kleenex.

****BONUS**** only if bidding goes over 1,000,000 (one million credits) Gift Certificate for a pair of New Slipper booties or New Princess slippers. These are crochet by me to personal size and color choice of the winner.


All Listia rules apply. Shipping will be by USPS 2 day priority. Sorry only in the USA.

Happy bidding, Good Luck and thank you for looking.

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  • Aug 3rd 2017, 11:35 AM
    Here the additional items I found yesterday.

    The backpack is not what I had in mind, but I needed to add one quick. What I wanted, was a Lisa Frank one. I will keep looking.

    1 Lisa frank Spiral notebook
    1 Lisa frank composition book (like a journal )
    3 folders
    1 holographic pencil case
    1 pack of post-it-notes
    1 hand sanitizer
    1 calculator
    1 kitty water bottle
    1 package of stickers
    1 Burts Bees lip balm

    I will keep looking for more items, but they will be a surpise for the Winning Bidder.

    Happy Bidding and Good Luck to All!

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  • Aug 10th 2017, 10:41 AM
    LAST TWO PICTURES are what you can get with the Gift Certificate of a free pair of slippers/booties ((( IF ))) bidding goes over 1,000,000 credits!

    Any size: infant, child, adult and the color choice is almost limitless. I will make the Winner a pair of Slipper booties or MY Pattern of Princess slippers, their choice!!

    The yarn will be Red Heart classic or jumbo colors choices. If I have to order the color(s) then it will take a little linger to make these as the yarn will be shipped to me ; if I can go to walmart and purchase the color choices there then it will only be a week to 10 days AFTER the gift certificate is filled out and returned to me. Then they will be shipped USPS 2 day priority to the winner!


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  • Aug 11th 2017, 4:03 AM
    I have found a few more items, but they will be a surprise for the winning bidder!!!

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  • Original
    This auction is AMAZING! Good luck with it! Have a WONDERFUL day!...
    Thank you so much. You have a blessed day.
  • Picture?type=square
    Awesome.... but do you really ship for free
    Thank you. Yes, priority two day. It's $15-20, my cost, only in the USA. I did three of these auctions last year. The winners were ecstatic about everything they got.
  • Original
    I may be mistaken but is their supposed to be a backpack in this as well? If so I don't see a photo.
    Yes there will be, I'm stopping after work today. When I found the boys backpack, there wasn't much of a selection for girls.
  • Original
    Great auction
    Thank you very much!
  • Original
    Nice Auction ~ Bidding :)
    Thank you!!
  • Original
    I'm trying my best to get those princess booties tossed in :)
    Thank you!!
    The booties/ slippers are so cute, I think I'll have to include a picture when I get home today so everyone can see what the big bonus is!
  • Original
    Wow, awesome listing!!! new fan, fan back
    Thank so much!!!! Fanned back.
  • Original
    Hi I just wanted to let u know I think this kind of auction is fabulous!! Maybe I'm a little sensitive at times but it brought tears to my eyes thinking of family's that may not have the money or the resources to buy school supplies and as a kid for the these things brought excitement and almost set the tone for the entire school year. This is an such a great way for low income parents to have another option when they may not have alot of money. Thank u so much for auctions like this. This will make some deserving little girl very happy.
    No thank you! With my own kids 20+ years ago it was hard. So I know how it is for others. I have grandkids now and I help when I can. So I thought I could do this again like last year. I just wish I could do more than the two auctions here.
    Have a blessed day!
  • Original
    Oh, Okay thank you.
    You are welcome, Hon.
  • Picture?type=square
    Great auction, did you say there was a book bag included?
    Thank you!!! yes there is a backpack. will be uploading the photos in a few minutes.
  • Picture?type=square
    Nice auction
    Thank you so much!
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