Witch's SPELLBOOK! Wicca Book Of Shadows!

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This is a brand new Book of Shadows or witch's spellbook. It has 90+ all pages all together to record and write down all your spells and notes. Perfect for any Wiccan or Witch!
"It has a tough matte paperback cover with thick white paper that minimizes ink bleed through.

At the front is a blank spell list to personalize. Here you can categorize your spells into: incantations, elixirs, talismans, visualizations or your own categories. As your grimoire fills up, you can always quickly find the spell you want by allocating each to one or more categories as you go along. 

There are ninety decorative and spacious spell record pages with space to log: 
- Purpose of Spell, 
- Inspiration/Source, 
- How to Cast, 
- Things Required, 
- Use History & Efficacy, and 
- Secrets to Success. 

At the Back of the Book are: 
- The Wheel of the Year, 
- A glossary of some symbols of witchcraft, and 
- A decorative notes pages."

The book measures 8"x10". The top right corner of the book is slightly bent as shown in last picture.

PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BIDDING! It is your responsibility as a buyer to read the description and it is my responsibility as a seller to include all the information I can.

PLEASE leave feedback in a timely manner. I understamd things come up but if its been a week since item was delivered and you haven't left feedback because you say you "haven't gotten around to opening it" you WILL be blocked. Listia still has my credits pending so please be considerate.

I'm sorry I will not lower starting bid, days and no GIN so please don't ask as I've already stated that I won't. Listia verified addresses only. Thank you so much and happy bidding!

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    Great listing, I'll get it started
    Thank you so much!:)
  • Original
    What a wonderful blank book! Neat idea :)
    Thank you!:)
  • Original
    Neat book.. I love the detailing.
    Thank you!
  • Original
    If I had nice handwriting I'd think about getting it but it's to pretty for my chicken scratch.
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