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This Is auction #1! This is auction #1 Also check out #2 to see items gone. Each auction starts out with 1 Sharpener, 8 #2 pencils, 2 Folders and a 100 count or more of notebook paper. This is truly going to be a growing mega auction. Keep bidding and I'll keep adding until all items are gone. High bidders get to choose what item goes into this auction. But watch out because if the bids don't come in on this auction items may get stolen and go to auction #2. As the bid rises I will let everyone one in both auctions know what's left and If the bids rise quickly I'll ask fans if there is something the don't see and need, then I'll go shopping. Bids must hit at least 1,500,000 before I shop for more tho. Please have fun with this and BID AWAY! There is a long list of items to choose from, List will be provided here! I will try to keep up with all updates and will allow items to be added as soon as the bid hits 50,000 credits. It's all up to you. Free shipping on all! Look at pictures to see items that may be available. Complete list goes up after bids hits 120,000, this covers my shipping not the cost of my items. TY for looking :D Please don't forget to hit watching if interested in this auction. TY!

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  • Aug 4th 2017, 10:50 PM
    This is the list of items that are available to be won in this auction.
    1.3 pks. Forya/ Double hole sharpener (only one Left )
    2.Bazic_ G-Flex Oil Gel Pens pk. of 6 Cushion grip Med. point
    3. Pure Candy-Ball point Pens pk. of 3
    4. Max Force Colored Markers pk of 8
    5. 3 pkgs..of 24 ct. nontoxic Crayola Crayons
    6. 15 number two pencil ( I will buy more if high bidder asks for these as the item they want added.
    7. 5 pair of used scissors in great condition. Only used item in this action.
    8. Sargent Art Tempera Paints Sticks (12 colors non toxic)
    9. 200 sticky notes
    10. Uchi 100 ct. White ruled index cards size 3" by 5" in.
    11. 2 pks. small post bookmarks
    12. Crazart Colored pencils 12 pre sharpened
    13.Elmers Glue 2 sticks non toxic
    14. Small purple calculator with instructions with hang on book bag.
    15.2 pk. of Bic Cristal xtra smooth.
    16 2 boxes of 12 each Super washable Marker not toxic
    17.Pencil toppers ( erasers)
    18.2 Romanoff Pencil boxes
    19. One Ruler ( already in #2 auction High bidder>(Fan request).
    20. 2 pks of at least 100 sheets of notebook paper
    21.10ct. of Crayola Fine line >Markers (non-toxic)
    22.Set of 2 Color me 2- Pocket Porfolio
    23. 5 Disney Trapper Keeper Snaps in & out without opening the rings.
    24. 3 Plastic Folders with 2 pockets
    25. 3 Folders with prongs & 2 pockets
    26. 8 premium edition Jumbo book covers some with design will cover larger books too.
    27. Composition Notebook 100 sheet
    Don't forget if there are things you would like to see in this auction and are high bidder please let me know, I may be able to purchase it. I'm also thinking about adding bottles of Elmers glue, so if any of you would like that let me know. Bidding is the key, you keep bidding I keep adding. High bidder requested a ruler which wasn't in the list but I'm throwing it into auction # 2 if someone here wants a ruler you may request it if your high bidder at the time.

  • Aug 4th 2017, 10:57 PM
    Come on people you know it's going over the 120,000 in credits so someone bid that so we can get items thrown in. High bidder will get to pick the item or items. Also as I stated if there is something not listed let me know and if the bids are there I will add them to the list of items to choose from. Or if your high bidder at the time I will put that in as your requested item. Auction #2 is already at 120,000 credits and high bidder requested a ruler. It wasn't on the list but it's in auction two.
  • Aug 6th 2017, 5:03 AM
    Just to clear things up Things that you get so far are 8 #2 brand new pencils, 1 package of 100 sheets or more of paper, 2 folders and 1 pencil sharpener. Once the bids hit 120,000 I start putting in more items and high bidders will get a choice of items they would like in. Thanks for bidding and watching my auctions! :D Have an awesome day!
  • Aug 6th 2017, 5:35 AM
    Adding a pair of scissors and more pencils.
  • Aug 6th 2017, 7:46 PM
    Please Note there ( isn't a book bag included in this auction) the one in the pictures was put up by mistake. TY!

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  • Aug 6th 2017, 7:54 PM
    There are now two binders were added to choose from with bids. Haven't picked up the fan requested tissue just yet. Will soon !
  • Aug 7th 2017, 9:43 PM
    As soon as two of the fans make their choice of item they would like in this auction, I will update items already chosen from both auction #1 and auction #2. I will also show a list of items that are in this auction with Bold title so it will be easy to find. Thanks for watching & bidding.
  • Aug 8th 2017, 1:41 PM
    Will need the bids to rise here before any more items are added. But as soon as they do high bidder will get to choose a item to add to the auction.
  • Aug 8th 2017, 1:49 PM
    Will need the bids to rise here before any more items are added. But as soon as they do high bidder will get to choose a item to add to the auction.
  • Aug 8th 2017, 4:40 PM
    The sticky note were chosen to be in this auction by high bidder. List goes up tonight so please check tomorrow for up date. Thanks for viewing my auction.
  • Aug 11th 2017, 12:16 AM
    Here is a list of the items in auction #1 as of today, more to come! Sorry for the delayed update! Bid for more items!
    1. The black and white composition has 100 sheets and A place for class programs on the inside of the front, also on the inside of the back it has conversion tables, Multiplication tables.and other measures like Linear Circular and more.
    2. 100 sheets of notebook paper
    3. 12 Sargent Art Tempera Paint Sticks Assorted colors Requested by fan.
    4. Box of 24 Crayola Crayons Lasts 35% longer
    5. 1 sharpner
    6. 8 + 5 requested by fan #2 pencils
    7. 2 folders can get up too 5 with bids.
    8. 2 packages of Travel size Kleenex
    9. One jumbo Book cover your choice of color if available
    10. 100 sheets of sticky notes ( 1 package )
    11. One Pair of Used but in great shape scissors
    12. Lot more with BIDS! BIDS!
    I have lots more and will try to add the picture of the sharpies, binders, and glue. soon. I have so much I can't find them right now LOL! Sharpies WON'T GO IN until bids reaches at least 1,700,000 so bid and get to choose 3 sharpies out of 21 that I have. Have a great weekend! :D

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  • Aug 11th 2017, 12:55 AM
    Please note the last picture (#13) has the items you will receive so far more will be added as the bid increases! all with free shipping!
  • Aug 13th 2017, 12:58 AM
    Saying hi to all my fans and wondering why the bids have stopped. I can't add more items until the bid rises as I'm paying the shipping and it's not going to be cheap. So let's see some bids and make this a blow out auction. Don't forget if the bids go higher you can suggest lower cost items that I don't have in this auction and I may be able to get them. Things like paper clips, more glue, more paper, and others. So lets see some bids and rock this auction. TY! :D
  • Aug 13th 2017, 1:05 AM
    Sorry forgot to remind you could also get more of the items that aren't in yet off the table. Erasers, Star Wars folders, Bidders, pens, Colored pencils and more.

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  • Picture?type=square
    F&w great auction
    Thanks a bunch, up-date as to items won so far will go up tonight. Have a great day! I will check in on your auctions to see if you have items I want to bid on in just a bit. TY!
  • Original
    Wow great auction my friend!
    Thanks I'm waiting for it to grow LOL! Always so good to hear from you! :D
  • Original
    As good to be expected ☺️♥️☺️
    Thanks sweetie! Have a great evening. :D
  • Picture?type=square
    Due to events beyond my control, I am now raising 4 of my grandchildren, missed out on the many "free school supplies" programs out there and with no money, I am bidding my entire credit balance on this auction! CROSSING FINGERS!
    Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having. I'll say a pray and will private message you. Have a great day! :D
  • Original
    This is a great idea and a great auction. Watching and bidding :)
    Thanks so very much for both, I can't wait to start adding more items. Put in some bids and get a chance to choose the items you need.
  • Original
    Watching & Bidding :)
    Thanks so very much for watching & bidding on my auction. Have a wonderful day! :D
  • Original
    Is this the one I can choose on? If so - The tempora paint sticks :) What a neat item :)
    Sure can and it beats all, It's one of the most expensive items, and I only have one set. It will be included in the list of items added to auction #1. Good Luck!
  • Original
    This is really a nice auction ‼️ Perfect , helps beat the store rush getting school supplies.
    Hi sweetheart glad to see you again. Hope all is well with you & yours! :D
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