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This is 6-DVD boxed set of 'Trinity Blood' the complete series. The box has seen better days, please see photos for more details. The set also includes 6 guidebooks. The discs, individual holders are in good condition and the books look great. The discs will play.

Shipping is by media mail. Thanks for looking.

"A mixture of sci-fi and supernatural elements, the 2005 broadcast series Trinity Blood takes place in the far future, when humans and vampires vie for control of the Earth. Abel Nightroad is an itinerant priest and agent for AX, the covert branch of the Holy Office. But when a real threat appears, he transforms into an uber-beast who feeds on the blood of vampires. As he fulfills his duties, Abel is joined by Sister Noélle (sic) and assorted other agents. The storyline wanders aimlessly: The tale of a series of murders and assaults on cathedrals peters out, and a new narrative about a sinister archbishop's plot to destroy Rome with a "silent noise" device develops. Before that story is resolved, Abel is off to Carthage and Constantinople, where he prevents Department of the Inquisition agents from interfering in delicate negotiations between the Vatican and the Empire. This overwrought fantasy eventually reaches a baroque finale that includes murder victims returning from the dead; aerial battles; CG mecha; creatures who are angelic, demonic, or possibly both dueling in the skies; and a veritable blizzard of symbolic feathers. The combination of gothic fantasy and potentially offensive pseudo-Catholic mumbo-jumbo recalls Hellsing (2001), on which the series was obviously modeled. Although it's relentlessly silly and over the top, Trinity Blood remains popular with fans of vampire anime who prefer flashy visuals to coherent narratives. (Rated TV MA, suitable for ages 16 and older: graphic violence, violence against women, gore, grotesque imagery, tobacco and alcohol use, offensive religious imagery) "

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    a little bit of tape with fix it
    I'll leave it to the winner to patch it up to their liking. :)
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    ☺Awesome Auction!
    Thankya kindly :)
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    Nice auction
    Thank you very much:)
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    I know you said the discs play, but are there any scratches or scuffs?
    Hello, the discs look clean. I could not see any scratches or marks. Thank you for looking.
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