Brand New Gift Quality Bath Bombs 6 USA Handmade Made Large Vegan All Natural Gift Set Assortment

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Brand New Gift Quality Bath Bombs 6 USA Handmade Made Large Vegan All Natural Gift Lot

These 6 gorgeous bath bombs could be amazing stocking stuffers and or favors for birthday parties! Perfect as thank you gifts for guests of baby showers, holiday parties, girls night out...etc.

Handmade in the USA; relaxing and therapeutic
Ultra lush and fizzie bath bombs; 5.5 ounces each
Receive 6 individual top selling bath bombs in this gift set
Moisturizing bath bombs with shea butter and avocado oil and soothing scents
Bath bomb is made with 100 percent all natural essential oils

Set of six (6), 5.5 ounce bath bomb fizzies made in the USA with ultra premium ingredients. This set of six of our top selling bath bombs contains a diverse variety of sensations that are designed to relieve stress, calm, and refresh. Not only will these bath bombs help you melt away your day, they'll do it with a fragrant variety of scents, from the marine scent of Mermaid Daydream, to the tantalizing citrus of Sicilian Tangerine, and the romantic aromas of Love Potion and Lavender. Made with 100% all natural essential oils and the highest quality ingredients to provide a luxurious and soothing bathing experience that will leave your skin feeling moisturized and healed. This pack of our favorite 6 bath bombs is a great gift for a loved one or the perfect excuse to treat yourself.

Fill up your bathtub with warm water so it is comfortable for you, put a bath bomb in the water, step into the tub as the bomb fizzes or wait and then relax and enjoy the wonderful fragrance and nourishing and moisturizing oils. This product is intended for external use only.

Non smoking home; Low Gin, Free Shipping with tracking
Think Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Anniversaries!
What you see in the photos are the actual bath bombs you will get~

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    got my eye on it!
    thank you :)
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    Oh Ms Adams, these Look & Sound Amazing!!
    thanks so much :)
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    Hello, this is a Christmas auction. It means that I don't like listing and shipping auctions during the months of November and or December because of bad weather and how crazy the USPS is! Get your presents early and be all set for the coming holidays. Thanksgiving is around the corner as well! Use your credits on Listia to get great gifts without bankrupting your wallet or your credit cards. All my auctions are carefully picked and in my possessions (no drop ship). My prices reflect the rarity, Listia prices and other factors but they are otherwise more decent than what you'll see here! I'll remove all listings by November 10th until after 2018!
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