DO YOU LIKE TO FIDGET? Pls READ Description B4 Bidding

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This Auction is for A Brand New Fidget Cube!
Colors-White & Black
(Please see ALL pictures)!!
If you have any questions please ask! If you Fan me, please leave a comment so I can return the favor!
**I DO CONSIDER GIN OFFERS! Please send me a Private Message B4 any bids are made!
**ALL LISTIA'S RULES DO APPLY! Which DOES MEAN Being A Verified Member!
**PLS PATIENT & SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY!! I can't ship everyday, even if Gin is used! I Can ONLY ship free to the USA! I Can ship to Canada, ONLY if the winner pays exact shipping! Unless otherwise stated above.
**PLEASE ONLY BID WITH THE CREDITS YOU HAVE NOW! (I've Already been burned & Had to Re-List)! I ALWAYS keep in touch with My Winners!! That's why I state PATIENT BIDDERS ONLY!! (I say this to you ONLY to help you understand "WHY" I can't get out. I don't like telling my life story), BUT I Do have a disabled child that is bedridden, & this is why I ask for PATIENT Bidders ONLY!!!!
**I AM A SMOKER & Have A Dog! I DO NOT Smoke inside my home. My items are kept in a sealed off room, BUT I'm Human & Sometimes it can get past me! So if you have Allergies, or anything Please Do Not bid :-(
Thanks for stopping by & I DO hope you will check out my other listings while your here!
"THANKS" To Those who Actually took the time to Read all of this!! ;-)

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    Great auction
    Thanks So Much!
  • Original
    Great auction. The center received a huge donation of these for our Christmas program :)
    Oh what a neat idea!
    Thanks for Sharing!
  • Picture?type=square
    Is it possible I could GIN for 5,000 credits?
    I'm sorry no like I stated above 27,50 is Equal to $1.00 now
  • Picture?type=square
    Gin 50,000 and free shipping to Australia
    I'm sorry Hun but 27,500 is $1.00 now. Plus shipping free, is lobe yp hrlp but I couldn't afford that :-( so sorry
  • Original
    Just dropped by to say hello, great auction!
    Howdy Neighbor!
    Thanks for Stopping in!
  • Original
    My son got one of these a few months ago, I wanted to steal it, but of course he broke it :p Gotta win this one ;)
    Lol kids! Now mine never have enough! I think 3 or 4 but STILL wants more! I don't understand l, lol. Of course I got one but it's s Mini size & I found it at a Smokers Outlet, right next to register. Impulse buy, lol
    Best of Luck to you though Hun!
  • Original
    Hi neighbor I'm in louisville.. Nice auction..watching.. my son is wanting one of these.
    WOW! Thanks for Stopping in & Commenting! LOVE Seeing My Fellow Kentuckians on here!
  • Original
    These things are sooo cool ;) I have many around the house & you can never get enough of them :)
    Lol, ikr? Mines the size for my keychain & it REALLY Helps when your your out!
    Thanks Sunshine :-)
  • Original
    This is cool.
    Thanks! I have A Mini size of this one on my keychain & it definitely helps when you go places too! Lol :-)
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