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This Auction will be for one $10.00 gift card code of your choice of Wal-mart, Ebay, or Amazon, that will be digital code only. 1 credit start 21 day auction, digital delivery.
I make sure to get these too you fast, be respectful and mark received after you got it and put it in your account. Thank you.

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    There is no sense in doing a 20 day auction on a gift card I would say ten day is sufficient, That is a long a** time to wait for a ten dollar card.
    There are other auctions out there and many with gins to get them right away. But I never tell them how to do their auction. If you are in a hurry you can go to browse, other, gift cards and find many "GIN;s" where you can get many 10.00 cards from wonderful sellers out there. We all run our own business different. I offer 1 credit start ones, to be fair for those that feel GIN are too high.
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    I just bought the cutest bathrobe at Walmart yesterday..They have great online specials too..Thinking X-mas..Ty for the 21 day auctions..Gives people like me
    time to raise credits as I do not have a lot of auctions like most others who can bid high always :)

    Hope you are enjoying beautiful fall weather..The trees here are absolutely beautiful xoxo
    Awwww thank you sooo much. Always love when you stop by, and love your auctions. I am also preparing for Christmas. I do the one credit start ones to try and be fair for people. I think it helps give them a chance to get one and at a lower cost then most gins. Glad your enjoying fall, I think we had a week of it and its starting to feel like winter...brrrrr it can be cold near Lake Michigan brrrrrrr. xoxox
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    why make people wait a month almost for ten dollars. by then people totally lose interest.
    Actually, I have not had anyone so far lose interest in them. I just have always ran my business on 21 days, and have gins for those that are in a hurry. :D
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