Silver Heart ~or~ Round ☘️ Aromatherapy ☘️ Locket ~BONUS~ Necklace & Essential Oils ~Free Ship~

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and bid with confidence!

Fast and free shipping from MARYLAND ... not China.
☘️ ☘️ ☘️
You win a bright silver plated locket that will hold a necklace and/or essential oil pads! Your choice of round or heart-shaped locket.

☘️ Bonus tiers ☘️
If the bidding hits
~ 299,000 credits, winner chooses three aromatherapy pads ... LOTS of colors to choose. See photos!

~ 399,000 credits, I'll add a color adjustable necklace, 17-20 inches, multi-strand organza or single-strand cord. See photos for the necklaces you can chose!

~ 499,000 credits, ADD your choice of ONE essential oil ... a bottle with five drops, enough to recharge your aromatherapy pad several times!

~ 559,000 credits, I will ADD two MORE bottles of essential oils ... THREE total (see photos for containers).

❥ choose any of these essential oils:
Juniper Berry

This necklace set, with aromatherapy pads AND three different essential oils, would cost at least $30 in a store!

☘ Don't want to wait? ☘
I have this set listed with Get it Now at the exact same price as this listing: locket, 3 pads, necklace and 3 essential oils for 559,000 credits
... about what you'd pay for a $5 gift card
... a $30 value!

I have another listing for this locket, at MUCH lower credits with paid shipping. If you buy credits, my "paypal ship" listings cost LESS than buying enough credits to win free-shipping listings!
Search "natahoa" to find my GIN free-ship and paid-ship listings for these lockets.
Do you need gifts for ...
~ new baby
~ wedding
~ birthday ?

I have more than 200 OTHER charms and necklaces you can win with Get it Now. Scroll through the photos to see some of your choices!
I ship with tracking ... fast delivery from the U,S, NOT China!
Type "natahoa charm" in the search box to browse all of my wonderful jewelry!

Have fun shopping!

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    ☘️ Do You buy Credits? ☘️

    These lockets also are available with Get it Now.
    Search "natahoa" to find my GIN listings for these! MY GIN listings INCLUDE essential oils and a necklace!

    I have ALL of my GIN items listed TWICE ... one listing with free shipping, the other at MUCH lower credits with $5 shipping via paypal ~ which I discount to $4 shipping if you win more than one paid-shipping listing I can ship together!

    I have GREATLY reduced the GIN prices on all of my paid-shipping listings!

    ☘️ Spend your money wisely! ☘️

    Search "natahoa" to find my HUGE selection, all available with both free and paid shipping.

    Search "natahoa" and have FUN shopping!
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