Long Beige Raincoat

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This could be machine washable too but maybe a dry cleaner would be better?

Collar needs cleaning, and one little spot on the sleeve.

Wear it with or without the belt around waist.

Woman's size 3/4 runs large so it is very roomy.

Deep pockets

Lots coming up so check back often.

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    Is it steamer friendly?
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    I am not sure, I do know it can be thrown in a washer and dryer so maybe you could steam it too. If you toss it in a dryer it usually does come out wrinkle free. I will try to find a tag on how to clean, but I didn't see one when I took the pics.
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    Would it fit a small?
    I think so, it is roomy but I think any size would fit in it depending on how "roomy" you want it
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    I love baggy stuff, but do you think it might be too baggy?
    I don't know if I would say it is baggy, it fits nice but has a lot of room to move and flow.
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    f & w, what is the bust area measurements of the coat please, thank you
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    I have it packed and taped to go already but I think the bust size was approximately 34 or 34 /12 around there.
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