OWL HUGE BUNDLE 3 Secret Bonus items in Owl Bag!!!!!

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Huge owl lot 10 pieces total. you can only see 7. 3 owl items are inside the bag and are really nice products. what you can see:

1. one owl zipper bag that measures 5.75" deep inside. 8" across zipper. can be used to store makeup products or anything that can fit.

2. one owl ringed notebook that is 3d, has white lined pages. does not say how many pages. notebook measures 6 inches long & 5 inches wide. solid pink on back of notebook.

3. one happy friendsgiving hand mitt with 2 owls and a loop for easy storage. mitt measures almost 11 inches long by approximately 6 inches wide.

4. one medallion owl potholder that measures 8" long by 6.5" wide. comes with sewn in loop for easy storage.

5. one owl potholder with one owl on tree branch. has sewn in loop. same measurements as # 4 .

6. one owl potholder with baby owl only. has sewn in loop. same measurements as # 5.

7. one owl potholder that goes with the " happy friendsgiving" hand mitt. this potholder is in the shape of an owl! it measures 8" length by approximately 6" wide. comes with sewn in loop to hang on the wall.

bonus gifts # 8, 9, & 10 are not in this picture. please do not ask what they are. they are a surprise!!! :-)

$1.00 = 27,500 credits.
$2.00 = 55,000 credits.
$3.00 = 82,500 credits
$4.00 = 110,000 credits
$5.00 = 137,500 credits

all 10 owl products equal $20.00 total.
so 20 x 27,500 = 550,000 credits.

if it goes above 550,000 credits then i will add more owl items to the listing. happy bidding.

bidding starts at 27,500 credits or $1.00.

if there are any questions i'll be happy to answer.

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  • Oct 6th 2017, 11:26 AM
    Photos were added
  • Oct 6th 2017, 11:28 AM
    I will be adding more pics. :-)
  • Oct 20th 2017, 10:58 AM
    If bid reaches 550 then I will add another owl item and take a picture of it. It's going to be a good one!
  • Oct 23rd 2017, 8:49 PM
    One pretty owl necklace has been added to the auction!!!

    Photos were added

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    love it!
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    F&w oh wow this auction is amazing sweetie.
  • Picture?type=square
    Amy you must have a master collection of oven mitts. When you reply click on the reply button so your response gets emailed to people.
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    Are you a fan of Owls?
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    Great thank you. I fanned you back sweetie.
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    Where is the reply button? I’m using my iPhone
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    I may have to go on my desktop computer.
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    If it reaches 550 I will add 1 more owl item to the listing and will post a picture of it.
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