6 plus Vanilla Ice Sunflower seed...

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"....Harvest bouquets in early morning or late afternoon hours. The cut flowers have a vase life of 6 to 10 days. Sequential plantings every 2-4 weeks apart will provide continuous color and bouquets all summer....very beautiful...."

Height: 4-5 feet
Germination: 7-21 days
Optimum Soil Temp. for Germination: 68°F--­86°F
Sowing Depth: 1 ½ -2½ inches
Blooming Period: May-November


What we have available is 6 plus seed...

Thank you for looking!

P.S. All GINs are negotiable as long as the bidder is willing to provide USPS forever stamps to cover shipping costs.
Thanks! :)

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