The Amazing Spider-Man #111 Silver Age August 1972 VF 8.5 Marvel Comics Group

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"To Stalk a Spider!" – (20-page story, continued from previous issue) – Kraven the Hunter, who is still recovering from injuries following his battle against Spider-Man and Ka-Zar in the Savage Land, recruits the Gibbon to battle Spider-Man on his behalf. The Gibbon agrees to do his bidding, as Kraven appeals to the rejects desire to get back at everyone who's ever laughed at him.

PLEASE NOTE! There is no "Line" going through the red lettering on the rear cover left side, it is a result of incandescent lighting in my kitchen, sorry about that! Joe


NOTE: This issue marks Spider-Man's 10-year anniversary.

NOTE: With this issue, Gerry Conway replaces Stan Lee as the regular writer on ASM.

NOTE: Stan Lee's final issue as editor of ASM.

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