♡♡ATT€NTION♡♡P€ARL~L♡V€RS ~14 pc faux pearl & rhinestone gold tone jewelry lot

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♡♡ATTENTION♡♡ P€ARL~L♡VERS ~14 pc, faux pearl & rhinestone gold tone jewelry lot
Double scarf pin missing stone, as shown in pics, east fix really nice rare piece
Designers include Avon, KJL, unknown
Some vintage jewelry in here
**I will add more if bids get going.**
Let's have fun!!!
Free shipping in USA
Please review all photos as they are part of my description, any questions please ask
Hope you are a fan.
Good luck bidding
Dont forget to check out my other auctions
God bless you

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    Love this auction!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much. Good luck bidding
  • Original
    Nice auction :)
    Ty my friend ♡♡♡
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