DRAWING DOWN THE SUN Rekindle the Magick of the Solar Goddess ☽✪☾ Wicca Witchcraft Spells SUN MAGIC

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DRAWING DOWN THE SUN Rekindle the Magick of the Solar Goddess
298 pages
Beautiful condition
Awesome book on Solar Magick!!
Drawing Down the Sun features fourteen different goddesses, and provides practical guidance for embracing their divine spirit through pathworking, rituals, and spellcraft. Learn how to bring abundance into your life with the Baltic goddess Saule. Call upon the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet for strength and courage. Draw upon the sun’s healing energy with the Celtic Brighid. With invocations, spells, and incense recipes, as well as instructions for solar magick, meditations, and more, this comprehensive guide is perfect for connecting with the solar feminine.
Wicca Witchcraft Magick Pagan
A "MUST HAVE" for your metaphysical library

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Blesssed Be ☽✪☾
TY so much for looking!

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