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*Please read entire listing, as everything is explained from the tip top to the way bottom of this listing**
64 ct baby fresh pampers wipes (code unused). 3 pack of size 2 diapers. Baby shampoo. The original snuzzler, by summer, pink and white, reversible for comfort in all seasons. Fits infants of all sizes including preemie, machine washable. New first ik impressions outfit size 0-3 months enclosed feet. Nwot. Small wonders panda pink white black polk a dots, mommys cutie nwt newborn. Winnie the pooh Disney 3 piece outfit size 3-6m nwt (it looks red but is more pink.
Perfect for a baby christmas or baby shower - works out great because you get different sizes as well ;).
****IF GINNED WITHIN THE FIRST 10 DAYS I WILL INCLUDE A LARGE BABY GIRL GIFT BAG!!!! (See pictures for measurements. ) [GIN by 11/12 latest]

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❤ If you want me to lower the GIN, pay shipping - free shipping gets pricey! ALSO-- The total of these items are $85 PLUS $15 for shipping! This is $100 worth :) [Winnie the pooh has tag price of $42 on it, and the snuzzler is wortg $20 in stores --- it's like buying those 2 and getting the rest free! (Gift card to credit ratio)]
❤ I can combine auctions - pending on how many you would like depends on how much i can drop =)
❤ Think Christmas ☃

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    great auction, f & w, do you have baby boy size 3-6 or above overall sleeping suit, pampers size 2, can use GIN for this staff, thank you
    I know pampers tries to keep their diapers/wipes gender neutral, but other than that all those size would be used if I had any gender nuetral, I had 2 girls so no super boy ish items here:( im sorry, but thank you for looking!!
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    This would be awesome for my sister. She will be having her twin girls in about a week or less. Fanning and watching! <3
    Awh yay congrats! Best of luck to her!! :)
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    Can you drop price down please
    Please private message me your idea of drop :)
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    I go by gift card to credit ratio just like a bunch of people here that would be $1. Shipping is going to have to be in a medium flat rate box which is $14. The new in package padding for baby seat was $20 when i bought it - it is still new. The Winnie the pooh outfit has a tag of $42 on it. Even the pack of baby wipes is over $2 in stores. So let's do those 3 items only plus shipping - total cost would be $78 not including other items. Please be considerate with this when offering way to low of gin prices to anyone , thank you :)
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