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Think 'Stocking Stuffers'! This nifty gadget has been sitting in a box of "stuff" for far too long. I just plugged this Digital Photo Keychain with a micro usb cable (not included) into a pc to charge it up and to verify that it works. Mission Accomplished! As you can see in the pics, This device still has the protective film from the day I acquired it (however many years ago that was, lol) What you see is what you get. Somebody might enjoy it as a gift. I have no idea how many photos it stores or mb of data or any of that stuff. There's no box, no manual, no micro usb cable.

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    PLEASE RECYCLE! I do my best to reuse boxes, bags, fillers and other packaging materials. And while trees take years to renew/regenerate, hemp fiber is a far more renewable resource with only a 90-180 day regeneration rate! It also is used for things that tree fiber is not, such as plastics and a concrete composite!
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