Win up to THREE ☘ Red Rhinestone ☘ Ready-to-Wear Necklaces ~Free US Ship~

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♦ Win multiple listings before I ship ♦
I will send you a BONUS charm!
☘️ ☘️ ☘️
Win up to THREE ready-to-wear necklaces, red rhinestones *WITH* a necklace, ready to wear! I show these on red necklaces, but I have almost ANY color necklace ... winner's choice!

Please note that ONE has been sold (see photos).

Necklaces are adjustable 17-19 inches, I have in bright colors and darker black, grey, brown, a dark rusty red, and white! Grey and brown necklaces are three-strand organza. Most other colors I have in the single strand corded style necklaces shown in the photos.

These bright saturated RED/orange rhinestones are a great color for Fall foliage ... A little more red than the photos (I tried to adjust) ...not a saturated blood red, but a wonderful color to spice up your Fall wardrobe!

The metal on the charms is bright silver color, but not silver plated (so they will NEVER tarnish)!
This is a "tiered' listing. The higher the bid, the more you win!

You win at least ONE necklace of your choice ...
✓ If the bidding hits 299,000 credits
You win TWO necklaces ...

✓ If the bidding hits 399,000 credits,
I'll send you all THREE necklaces shown in the photos!

☘️ The holidays are coming FAST ☘️

Search "natahoa charm" and find wonderful fun and glamorous jewelry for everyone on your list. I have MANY other charms and necklaces available with Get it Now.

They include:
✔ Ah~DOR~able ☘ Pets Animals Necklace ☘
✔ Ah~DOR~able ☘ Elephant ☘ on Your Choice color Necklace
✔ Ah~DOR~able ☘ Crab Necklace ☘ Ready-to-Wear *CHOOSE* color!

and MANY more. Search "natahoa" and please check them out!
I ship First Class with tracking.

~Please don't ask me to fan you.~
I only fan after a ♥ HAPPY ♥ transaction ~ I hope to fan you soon!

☘️ Search "natahoa" and have fun shopping! ☘️

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    ☘️ Don't want to wait? ☘️

    I have MANY other fun and glamorous charms and necklaces on Listia ...

    Type "natahoa" in the search box to find my GIN listings for SO many lovely things that would make GREAT gifts!

    ☘️ IMPORTANT: if you BUY credits... ☘️

    I have ALL of my GIN items listed with free shipping, AND at MUCH lower credits with $5 shipping via paypal ~ which I discount to $4 shipping if you win more than one paid-shipping listing I can ship together!

    My "paypal ship" listings costs MUCH less than buying enough credits to win my free-ship listings.

    ☘️ Spend your money wisely! ☘️

    Search "natahoa" to find my HUGE selection, all available with both free and paid shipping.

    Search "natahoa" and have FUN shopping!
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