Scentsy Warmer House Shaped Wax Tart Melter

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Used but in great working condition. This auction is for the warmer only, nothing else is included. Starting at one credit.

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  • Jan 8th 2018, 1:52 PM
    Thank you shelleyandbrian for finding that out! Yes it is a real scentsy

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    I found out, this IS an element warmer by's called SANDSTONE :)
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    Is this actual SCENTSY brand or is it like another stores version?
    This is scentsy!
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    Thank you for responding!
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    Oh my!!! Watching...I have Nene looking for a deep welled wax/tart melt burner cor a gf of mine
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    Scentsy stamps all their warmers, this is not a style (size) they sell. Can you show us a picture where it is stamped, thank you!
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