1950’s Vintage Rhinestones 15x7 Topaz (4) Pre-Set In Brass Gorgeous Stones Czech

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(4) Pre-SET VINTAGE MARQUIS TOPAZ 15x7 BEAUTIFUL GLASS RHINESTONES. MADE IN CZECH. (I Would Make My Gin Less If These we’re Not Set But They are ready to go in Brass Settings.)
I set These In Double Hole Brass Settings. My Trick Is always get Double Holes. ( if you only need one Eye. Cut it Of and Nail File it Down) I Have a huge Collection If Vintage Rhinestones. I Only Purchased From 2 People. A Man From Rhode Island And A Lady From New York on 9th Street. Please Scroll Down my feed back and See how Gorgeous I Store My Sones. These Are Pointed Gold Back Primo Condition. Please Remember It Cost Around 100 Thousand Points to Offer Free Shipping. if you decide to Gin more Rhinestones I List, could you please let me know so I can ship them out Together. ( I will Throw in Some Extra Different Vintage Stones if you can do that For Me;) Thank You So MUCH!
XOXO Msluscious
FAn Me, ILL FaN YoU RiGHt BaCK! ((MUAH))

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