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What is up you guys i have a special auction for all of you!

you guys will be bidding for gta the trilogy for ps2

which consists on:
gta 3
gta vice city
gta san andreas

brand new games never before been open still sealed!!!!!

please any questions i'll be happy to answer!!

serious bidders only!!
all listia rules apply
no buyers remorse
no gin
all rude comments and their respective users will be blocked!!

good luck guys :)

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  • Feb 5th 2018, 12:59 PM
    I will send this with tracking number YES!. Good luck to everyone!! :)

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  • Feb 12th 2018, 6:57 AM
    I've done a little research about this bundle and came to find out that all 3 copies come complete with their own poster, if your not familiar with GTA when you buy a new copy every new GTA game comes with a big poster.

    Thank you all for bidding auction looks great good luck to you all!

    And thanks to the listia user who gave me this information!
    Much luck! :)

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  • Original
    Nice games I remember these at the stores like 9 years ago lol they are great :)
    They really were and still are nice games only a true gamer will recognize them lol I have them all separately and was lu it to find all 3 I figure someone's going to enjoy this.
  • Original
    Sweet and thanks man and yea listia has saved me major cash lol
    No Problem and True story! Lol
  • Picture?type=square
    I own this each game comes with wall size poster
    That is definetly good to know, thank you! :)
  • Original
    Will you ship out with tracking number?
    And yes absolutely as long is with in. The USA.
  • Original
    Alright sounds good I live in the usa lol and yea for sure I gotta play these I was gonna get all 3 separately but then I saw this and boom I am in to win lol
    Lol hey nothing like brand new and all 3 together won't have to waste real money sometimes listia does make it easy for us buyers I've found a lot of stuff that I was originally going to spend real money on and end up on listia. Anyways best of luck! :)
  • Original
    Great Auction!
    Thank you! :)
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