ORGANIC Wheat grass seeds for YOU or your animals. 1 bag

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Your order can take 6-15 BUSINESS days to arrive. non-machinable is longer .USA ONLY. do NOT BID/order. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND this.

ORGANIC ....Wheat grass for YOU or your animals .. cats, dogs, rabbit, rodent and other animals that can benefit from this awesome grass. I bought in bulk so I can share some with you. (was listed red wheat, ORGANIC) I bought organic non- gmo this time.... just for you all.
ergo the higher price.

This can be used for you or (as dog cat/pet grass) or (wheat or berry sprouting) trim add to your salad or your juicing. GOOD for your heath and pets

There are many ways to plant it, easy grow in regular potting soil.. many ways to drink or eat it. (see online for those details) lots on YouTube as-well..

I Plant some now, then again in a few weeks. will last a month or so depending on how its taken care of.

winner gets. 1 bag

approx 100+ wheat grass seeds per bag.
(100-125 up per baggy)
we got tired of counting. so why we use a little measured scoop
seed size determines count

...DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE NOT/or have not called listia and VERIFIED your address....
I do NOT do buyers remorse.

Do NOT bid, if you do not agree to these terms. USA ONLY
we have dogs and this is/was a smoking home.

(please make sure you have your address released to me BEFORE Monday early)

this item will be mailed free in a well taped envelope/card. We take great care!


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