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Buyer will receive the exact new, never used Betta Keeper as shown in photos. It's manufactured by Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products. This unit is round, made of plastic, holds 1/2 gallon and has a blue vented lid. It comes with fake plant, water conditioner and ammonia detoxifer.

This container isn't just for keeping bettas! It can be used as a temporary holding or isolation tank maybe for medicating your fish, a shrimp and/or snail aquarium, for aquatic plants, or whatever else your imagination decides!

I'm offering FREE SHIPPING in the USA. I usually ship items within 24-48 hours of auction end/receipt of Listia verified address.

While there is no bidding available for this item, the Get It Now option is 215 XNK. I do offer other items up for bidding in other listings.

Be sure to check out my other listings! I'll be adding some fun items related to upcoming holidays, seasons and more.

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    love this item!
    Thanks for checking out my listings!
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    I am not including the 1 lb of gravel, as that drastically raises the cost of shipping. However most Dollar Tree stores offer "decorative" river rock in 2 lb bags for a buck! ...Just saying.
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    Don't forget that Easter is on April 1st this year! Get your basket fillers here on Listia! You can give fun gifts instead of too much candy ;)
    I wanted to list fun things like "sea monkey" kits, but Listia rules don't allow it; even though they're bought from the toys department and listed as science and educational toys for kids in the stores that I've purchased them. Be sure to think "outside the box" of candy during the upcoming holidays ;)
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