PS3 game Kill Zone 2

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Kill Zone 2 PlayStation3 game. In good condition. Check my other auctions for more games.

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  • Apr 24th 2018, 7:39 PM
    Don't bid if you don't have the credits or xnk available

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    What is 12.50 in credits
    I have no idea. They keep changing it. It's ridiculous. A bunch of members on here are closing their accounts. Just a guess but I wouldn't be surprised if this website closes down in the next couple months by the way they are running things...
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    That is right....I don't even bid anymore because I have no idea how much I am bidding. I mean, they should have left well enough alone.....What is their problem?
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    To get an accurate 0 Google. Look up exchange rate xnk to dollars. Then to get the actual dollar value. Multiply the xnk rate by your bid. ( today current xnk value is 0.05) so today xnk is worth 5 cent. So thecurrent bid on this auction 55 xnk times 0.05. Equals $2.75. Hope this helps. Also the xnk value can change daily.
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    I know it sucks now thinking about shutting down mine do they should of left it alone
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