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Amazing Kids Lot LEGO Marvel PS3 Game, Hardback DK Lego Books, Pictionary Game NEW - LG Priority Box

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AWESOME KIDS LOT - Some new, Some Pre-Owned but still in very good condition. I will tell you all about it as we go!

There are some awesome things here to make any kid screaming excited to get, especially if they are a fan of Star Wars or Legos or Marvel.

Here is what all is in this LARGE PRIORITY FLAT RATE SHIPPING BOX :

1 PS3 Game - Marvel Legod Super-heros - plays great

1 Star Wars Craft Book - yes, it's a craft book. Teaches the kids to make costumes, finger puppets, play stations, and so much more revolved around Star Wars, pre-owned

1- Lego Crazy Action Contraptions Klutz Book with Legos for 16 projects - I am not sure if this has ever been used

1 - Lego Starwars Brick Master Book/Building Blocks Set
by DK Books, pre-owned but never used

1 - Legos LARGE BOOK - Awesome Ideas, Hardback
by DK Books, pre-owned

1 - LEGO PLAY - Hardback with Dust Jack. Large Book by
DK Books - DJ is a little ruffled at top , pre-owned

1- Mattel Pictionary Game - NEW, Factory Sealed but has a dent in the bottom right corner of the box in back .

Low starting bid, GIN for someone that does not want to miss getting these items.

I have placed on a 21 day auction because I will be out of the country from Oct 9th -October 15th.

If you GIN before the 8th, I will get it out before I leave. If you happen to GIN while I am out, I will send it as quickly as possible upon my return on the 15th.

I abide by ALL Lista Rules and ask that if you bid, you will as well
Free shipping with tracking on ALL my orders. I can usually ship within 48 hours.
Please fan, watch, bid, or GIN.

Having a blast on Listia. Thanks for looking

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    Another great auction by an amazing seller ♥️
    Awe thanks, this is another great auction, Lots of FUN items!!
  • Original
    Great auction!! Awesome listian!! :) I'm definitely watching this one!!
    Thanks - there are some great things here
  • Original
    Nice auctions
    Thanks for looking. There are a lot of great things in this lot.
  • Original
    Thanks. I have had an awesome year with my internet business after my struggle of loosing my husband in 2017, and Listia was one of the ways that I was able to win things for my family for several years. I just thought it was a good year to give back where I can and maybe help other families out in the process.
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