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RCA Atlas Pro Tablet w/ attachable Keyboard

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This auction is for a RCA Atlas Pro tablet w/ detachable keyboard. I bought it for myself earlier this year, but I never used it but 2-3 times. It’s got purple paisley designs on the back. The keyboard is purple too. It does detach with magnets. I got my autistic son one at the same time and he uses his daily. It comes with the charger, but the box is gone. I put pictures of the entire unit, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I follow Listia rules. I try to ship out items within the 7 days allotted, but there maybe a day or two late as I’m disabled so getting around is difficult. Please contact me if there’s a problem before making an issue with Listia. No bad language or nasty comments will be tolerated. I’ll report you and boot you right out.
Verified addresses only. I’m f you don’t have the xnk to pay for my auctions then please DONT bid! If you don’t pay within 3 days, I’ll block you. If you fan me, I’ll fan you back. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

****Ive lowered the opening bid and the GIN! This is a fantastic gift idea!******

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    I see where you are talking about. That’s a typo. LOL I don’t use that language. I can’t fix it either. Sorry that’s there. I didn’t see it there.
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    1700 ink please.
    I’m sorry that’s too low. If you’d like to bid this, you never know! ;)
    No one bid on it last time around.
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    I thought you said no nasty or bad language. Is it just me or did you say the f word since I read I’’ f you don’t have the xnk to pay for my auctions then please DONT bid!
    I’m not seeing any nasty or bad language. I must be blind.
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    How are you
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    How much it is..?
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