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1 skull moto iron on patch dirtbike patch free shipping

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About 3 x 2.5 INCHES
Iron on adhesive back
I Never used it, free shipping

Formed in Bridgewater, Ma. Metal Mulisha T-shirts were fashionable among youth in the 2000s. The shirts often feature existential slogans or quotes that tout the virtues of extreme sports.In 2010, the Murrieta Valley Unified School District banned Metal Mulisha clothing at its schools, due to graphics resembling Nazi symbols and iconography. Some graphics appearing on Metal Mulisha's clothing line include a skull wearing a helmet resembling one worn by German soldiers in World War II, while on the company's logo, the "S" in "Mulisha" is represented graphically by a lightning bolt that resembles the double lightning bolts insignia Runic "ᛋᛋ" of the Nazi major paramilitary organization Schutzstaffel, or SS.Rabbi Barry Ulrych, of the B’nai Chaim of Murrieta synagogue, regarding the images appearing on Metal Mulisha products, stated “People say it’s just a fashion — it’s more than that — it’s an identity...These symbols are not as neutral as one might think. Symbols can hurt, and some symbols are intimidating...With this symbolism, they are glorifying the Nazi past. You can’t go through life being ignorant of symbols. In a letter, the company countered with the statement “Metal Mulish founders and riders are devout Christians, espousing those values prized in the religious community

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