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A Bunch Of Pokemon Cards

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I bought someone's inventory and I have no idea what these are or even could be. I couldn't care less to look sad to say. There's cards there's packs etc... Feel free to ask questions if been be. It'll be up for 21 days. GL

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  • Jan 11th 2019, 4:39 AM
    Those are updated pics as of 01/11/2019.

    I will team bag and bubble wrap these and send them first class within1-12 hours of the winning bid.

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    Are there any shiny (holographic) cards?
    Yes, sorry for the late reply.
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    More pictures please
    Ok, no problem.
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    Would like to see all the holo cards in this collection please. Is Chansey the only one?
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    Can u take a pic of the packs
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