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Two Vintage Baseball Card Lot--1953 Topps Eddie Kazak and 1959 Topps Whitey Lockman

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In this lot are both original vintage baseball cards and the buyer will receive the following:

1953 Topps- Eddie Kazak
1959 Topps--Whitey Lockman

Buyers must be viefied and have address sent within 3 days after auction closes. If not i will relist. No refunds for buyers remorse.

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  • Jan 6th 2019, 6:42 AM
    I will be adding some other cards to these two soon so i can add tracking. Will add pictures soon.

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  • Jan 6th 2019, 8:51 AM
    Adding 6 numbered cards which are th following:

    2000 Crown Pacific--Enrique Wilson 186/199
    2003 Topps--Derek Jeter 1666/2004
    2001 Donruss-- Jack Cust 788/1875
    2002 Topps Pittsburgh Pirates Team Card 450/2002
    2002 Topps--Kent Mercker 1175/ 2002
    1997 Donruss Diamond Kings-- Frank Thomas 7433/ 10000

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  • Jan 14th 2019, 12:17 PM
    I need help i just came across a walter payton rookie card from 1976 topps. Can anyone tell me what to look for to see if it is real or a reprint? If so comment below...ty

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  • Picture?type=square
    If the back is dark its original if its shiny then its a reprint
    ok ty I will have a look later, I hope it is read deal.....
  • Original
    Fan n watching
  • Original
    On a. Original 76 walter payton. The. Backis not. Glossy like. Frontas they only. Glossed. Front usaly. A. Brownish. Paper. A dark redtented info stamp and. Print. A blueish. Black
    Ok it looks gem mint
  • Original
    Oh the. Info box some times seem orengish real then the o pechie brand usaly a. Indication. It fake
  • Original
    There is a. Company that. Coppy originals called o pichie fakes and would. Be faded. But. Gloss front. Back
    Well its not glossy and no where on the card that says its a reprint
  • Original
    Looks like its a winner
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