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Winner picks 6 DVDs from 37

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It’s the new year and it’s time to make room for new movies. The winner will get to choose six DVDs from a pile of 37. Most of them I’ve been played only one time there are many classic films in here,.. Please check my other auctions, they are all just like new

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  • Default avatar m
    Could you possibly do a GIN
    What do you have in mind.
  • Default avatar m
    50 or 70?
    DVDs are gone for way more than that
  • Default avatar m
    They are wow well alright then
  • Original
    hello my friend you have a newbie bidding hope they have the XNK to pay : just wanted to give you a heads up; great auction bidding
    Hey, you know you are my oldest lives dear friend. And yes I’m watching out for the newbies. I’ve already blocked a few of them for making rude comments. Thanks for bidding
  • Original
    Watching fanned u
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