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007 goldeneye nintendo 64 & Star Wars - Episode I - Racer

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Both Games

The game's faithful tribute to the Bond legacy includes briefing dossiers on each mission, complete with wisecracks from Q and flirtatious comments from Moneypenny. And the 3-D representation of locations and characters from the movie is very impressive. The Rareware team spent time on the set with digital cameras, and it shows.

One of the distinguishing features of the game is the outstanding artificial intelligence of the enemies. When attacked, squads will rush to hit the alarm. If they make it, reinforcements come running. Enemy soldiers respond to being shot or blown up with chilling realism. According to Rareware, there are over 30 different animation routines that come into play, depending on where the soldier is hit. For those who prefer the challenge of human opponents, there are six clever multiplayer modes where up to four players can shoot it out, as teams or solo agents.

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    Great auction dear friend. Do these work with the Dsi 2
    I have no clue
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    Great auction! watching and also fanned
    Well thank you
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    @zarifasabah these game cartridges are only playable on a Nintendo 64 game console. DSi is not compatible.
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    @gallegosjose7, thank you. :)
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    Ok thanks.
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