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Used for a year
Bought at Sprint but activated on Boost Mobile
Everything in the pictures are included
Comes with brand new Kate Spade case that worth $40, brand new earphones
IHome clock/radio is working properly. Used for a week only then got a new gift.
The iPhone is like new condition. Been in the case since day 1. The only markings are from the case. 16 gb and unlocked. Unlocked after one year being active.

Transparent pouch is new without tag

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    100000 Ink Protocol = 408.733331 US Dollar (USD) <---- nope
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    A start bid of over $400?
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    You know nothing sells for money here, a hundred thousand for this is just too muck for a bid, could be fine if it was a GIN...
    You always commenting on every auction :). I’d been here longer than you. Thank you!
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    Well I appreciate it thanks
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    Starting bid over $408?
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