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Cute Pink Heart Set - Lightly Tarnishing

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Item Details: Although this set is lightly tarnishing I think with some polish it will clear right up. I also will polish before sending. Ring is size 8. Necklace is 20 in + extension. Post type earrings. Very Cute Set for a quick gift idea, Mother's Day is coming soon! :)

Shipping Info:
Shipping is FREE to all USA addresses, item is shipped within 2 days after confirmed address is posted. Excluding Saturday & Sunday; which are no ship days for me. (My days of rest.)
I always ship with the best of love & care!
Package comes shipped USPS (Using: StampsDOTcom) Package with FREE Tracking! No shipping outside USA. Shipping Only to LISTIA VERIFIED Addresses

*****First time Winners PLEASE make sure this is done!******

PLEASE! PLEASE! Please if you are NEW to Listia please make sure you have enough credits ( XNK/Ink) to bid in your account. If you do not have enough credits (XNK/Ink) please note you will have to buy XNK credits to pay for this item after you win. Follow the steps provided in the “Get Ink” section of Listia. Non-Payers will get blocked, reported to Listia, and black listed (yes this is a real thing). I will not ship your items if your address is not correct or non-validated by Listia. You will NOT message me your address; that is against Listia rules and regulations. I have to spell this all out because I have had to deal with so many of these issues in the past and don’t want to waste my time or yours. I look forward to shipping items to Responsible Listians. Remember NON- Payers are frowned upon here on Listia and is a sure way to get you blocked / blacklisted. Thank you for reading this.

Thanks for Watching & Fanning & Bidding!

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    This set is so cute! I’m glad you included the info you did in your description. I was on Listia all the time before xnk things started and recently came back. With previous credits you couldn’t bid unless you had enough credits. If you were short on credits you had to buy them before bidding.
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