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Plants Vs Zombies GW2 Deluxe Edition PS4

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GW2 game for auction. I cannot GIN as I'm a new user without the seller badge. Auction will be for 2 weeks, I'm firm on that.

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  • Feb 11th 2019, 5:27 PM
    I was happy at first to provide lower bidding options, but once all my listings have ended. I won't be selling on here and probably quit once I make purchases. I'll provide the items I have currently listed of course, but I won't sell anything else after my 35 listings are done.

    I am new to Listia and hoped to use this site, but things aren't going to work out for me as a seller.

    Don't fan me. I won't be on here much longer. Ty

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    Fanned & Following :)
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    Yes i was doing listia since 2014 and its changed insanely. Very hard to sell anything at what things go for and outrageous cost of shipping so i more than understand
    Yeah, my mom use to be on here til Ink, but I think I'll stick around and give it more time. I've had better experiences since posting my first impressions, makes it hopeful that it's not what it seemed.
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