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*3-Piece E.L.F. Bundle*

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2 "Smooth Matte" eye shadows, one in "Nude Linen" other is "Blushing Rose" Plus, a "Beautifully Bare" Satin Lipstick in "Touch of Nude" All new in package. I ship FREE with Tracking*USA*ONLY. All Listia rules apply. Please bid with XNK you actually have! Thank you for Browsing.

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    ⭐ xx ⭐
    : ^ )
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    Sorry, if you bid without being verified I will have to BLOCK you due to so many that do not follow through. If you are verified I WILL give you a chance to bid even if you are new here. I believe that is FAIR to us both, please get verified before bidding...thank you!
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    Luv it hun
    Thank you!
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    fridahc1989...You are now Blocked. Get verified!
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    will you accept 700.00 GIN?
    Sorry, no GIN on this, but may have to re-list due to (ahem) the high bidder is not verified and will probably not follow through. Will put a 700 GIN on this if I have to re-list. Thank you!
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