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Gold Cage Pendant with Gemstone Bird

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This is a 17 day auction

It is a really nice gold pendant. Around one inch tall. My eyes are horrible even with magnifier. If it is marked, I would never see it I do know my natural asteroid magnet does not pick it up. An asteroid magnet is the most powerful magnet there is. If anything comes close to it that is fake it will pick it up. This is not magnetic, and i added pictures. The metal is not fake or the asteroid magnet would have picked it up. It did not attract to the asteroid magnet. It has a beautiful light colored bird gemstone hanging from the top of the cage inside.

All Listia rules apply, and only verified address. Give it up to 19 days if in the USA it is according to where you are. It will have an airmail number in case it gets lost.

Happy bidding everyone.

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  • May 7th 2019, 6:38 AM
    I am also adding this antique gemstone ring. It can be sized to any size. I also used the asteroid magnet on this. There is no reaction, and it is not magnetic. No gemstones are missing. It is in perfect shape for being so old.

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  • Original
    Beautiful pieces!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, I am thinking about adding a signed original Nygard gemstone necklace. I don't know if I want to add it to this auction or make one of its own. I might add something else if I don;t add it to this one.
  • Original
    Wow! These are 2 Incredibly Gorgeous Pieces! Will definitely keeping a Close Eye on these!

    Great Auction!

    Fanned and Watching!
    Thank you, and good luck if you bid.
  • Picture?type=square
    sweetie can you tell me if I can put a chain on the bail of thisi would love to put it on a chainif I win
    Yes it needs the round part put on the top.
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