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Brand New Tattoo Starter Kit

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Tattoo Starter Kit
Brand New In Plastic
Kit Includes:
1 Tattoo Machine (10 wrap coil)
1 Tattoo Machine Grips / Barrel
1 Power Supply
1 Steel Foot Paddle
1 Tattoo Practice Skin
1 Adjustable Tool Kit
1 7 hole Ink Caps Holder
1 Clip Cord
2 Stainless Steel Tips (3R,9R)
5 Tattoo Inks As Shown (5ml)
10 Sterile Needles( 3R,9R.)
50 Tattoo Ink cups (15S, 10M, 25L )

Color/Design of Box, Gun & Grip May Vary
New In Plastic For Hygienic Reasons
No Refunds/Exchanges/Buyer's Remorse

Ships w/Tracking
Ships Mon-Fri Only
No Weekends Or Holidays (I'm Away)
Tracking Usually Listed 24-72 Hrs After Shipment
If Postal Loss/Damage/Etc. Occurs
Exact Exchange or Replacement Only

I List Both New & Gently Used Items ~
Check My Page For More Great Auctions :)

Questions & Comments
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  • Original
    Done :)
  • Original
    Thank you I’ll try
    Awesome :) There are tons of ways to earn free xnk
  • Original
    Are you allowing bidding
    I only offer GINS on my items ~ too many bidders fail to pay when they win, which forces sellers into offering GIN only.
  • Original
    I always pay for what I bid on GIN Be high so I use bidding
    Gins can seem high, but I've often seen open bidding disable a set GIN & then go higher than the GIN that was set ~ it just depends upon the item :)
  • Original
    I understand I feel like it not right either when we pay all this xnx and the seller never send
    I always ship with tracking :)
    If a seller fails to ship you can get a refund, it's inconvenient, but I try to keep an open mind ~ when a seller fails to ship an item to me ~ I try to remember that I have no idea why that seller could not ship the item??
  • Original
    If you can’t afford shipping or postage don’t put up something for people to bid on
    I've been here for years & I've seen many things happen that can prevent shipping or prevent delivery ~ regardless of shipping postage cost. I'm just lucky so far I guess, all my items ship with tracking & I have 100% feedback :)
  • Original
    That’s good I been looking for a tattoo maker since I got on here and finally found one
    I list tons of tattoo gear :) Been listing these kits & more for years :)
    These usually arrive very fast too :)
  • Original
    Yea I just have to get the xnx to pay for it I have xnx just not the right amount
    I hear you ~ I'm in the "Get Ink" section right now earning more free xnk :)
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