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ZTE smartphone from Metro Pcs

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Not a scratch chip nick or dingo to be found on this phone. Case protected since purchase. The phone shut down on me 3 weeks ago and said it was over temperature. I haven't had that message since but it was time for an upgrade anyway. Charger included.

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  • Jul 11th 2019, 10:11 PM
    Selling as is. No buyers remorse.

    Phone will be shipped in case for added protection during transport. A new case will need to be purchased.

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    Can u do 600 xnk?
    Sorry no can do.
  • Original
    Hey bro... My little bro got mad and bidded more than my actual xnk currency . I cannot pay 22,000 xnk only because I have 180 xnk lol . I'm so sorry bro but I have advice.. take the list down and relist again at a even number like 9,900 , thanks man.
    The bid starts at 9900. The Gin is for 22,222
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